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“Self care that turns the workplace or home into a beauty salon!”

Presenting the HOGU Series from Mitsuwa, a self-care item that comfortably massages away knots accumulated on the job or during housework.

Offering precise massage to those suffering from knots, the HOGU series not only helps create healthy beauty, but with assembly, inspection, packaging, and shipping all performed at our domestic factories, this “Made in Japan” product is safe to use.

What is the HOGU Series?

HOGU ユビタマゴ 背BONE モンデリング

“ Self-Care Massage Items Loved by People of Today “

Lack of exercise due to labor-saving devices, work that requires hours of standing or sitting, poor posture from use of smartphones and computers…

While the people of today live in such a way that puts stress on the muscles and makes it easy for knots to build up, they cannot afford the time or money to go to a masseuse or chiropractor, and indeed there are many people who are not even aware that they have knots.

The President’s Philosophy

ミツワ株式会社 代表取締役社長
ミツワ株式会社 ショールーム
ミツワ株式会社 ISO9001認証

Providing such modern people a product that lets them massage away their own knots for consistent self-care is the philosophy behind Mitsuwa’s HOGU Series.

Making it possible for anyone regardless of age or gender release knots anywhere, anytime, the HOGU Series is an essential self-care product for the modern person, and is already beloved by many.

We will continue to bring this product, based on the concept of “massaging away your knots yourself” which puts releasing the modern person’s muscle knots first, to all who need it.

Massage away your own knots

For those who want to massage away their knots

The HOGU Series from Mitsuwa

HOGUシリーズ モデル 古城優奈

OEM & Collaborative Development

The HOGU Series uses OEM production and collaborative development to meet our customers needs.

The HOGU Series is a health and beauty product designed to be used easily by anyone in all kinds of everyday situations, making it ideal not only as a sales item, but as a anniversary or campaign giveaway, novelty item, or gift.

Since all assembly, inspection, packaging, and shipping is done at our domestic factory, we provide quality and safety from product planning to delivery.